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  1. First you need to sign up for the site. Registration is very easy.
  2. You need to register an account in or similar video sharing site that pays for video views.
  3. The most wanted films are full-length porn movies and erotic movies.
  4. You need to find sources where you will get a porn movie links –┬áSearch engines are full of sources with free full-length porn movies.
  5. We recommend looking for sites that upload your movies to
  6. This will save you a lot of time with openload’s remote upload option.
  7. For example copy this link 3-4 times to your remote upload section in openload:
  8. Sometimes openload deletes some porn movies that are copyrighted, u can making more copies and replacing them.
  9. Copy the embedded video link from your openload’s profile and paste it into the submit (upload) section of
  10. You must complete all the steps that are marked with a star – Title, Description, Iframe Embed code, Thumbnail url (picture cover) and Tags
  11. Previously, check that the movie you want to upload is not already uploaded to our site. If so, then we will reject the duplication.
  12. Every movie will be reviewed by our moderator.
  13. We only accept full-length xxx porn movies and erotic films with english subtitles!
  14. Know that child pornography is strictly prohibited on the site. Any attempt to upload such material will be permanently punished

How it works?

  1. is visited by more than 250,000 users a month.
  2. Openload and some like-it video sharing platforms pay when someone watches your movies.
  3. Know that if you rely on generating quick money for 2-3 movies, it will be difficult.
  4. Submit up a few porn movies each day and you’ll be able to enjoy the earnings after a month or two.
  5. Know that all this takes time.

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